Personalized Orders

We are so excited to offer our signature and original personalized smocked outfits. This shop started out exclusively with personalized outfits and it is so exciting to see how the shop has grown since then. We now offer personalized orders once a month with a limited selection. 

Below you can find some frequently asked questions about our personalized orders: 

When is the personalized order open? 

Personalized orders are open through the first week of each month. Sometimes we open them early, but they are always running through the first week of the month. 

When do personalized orders ship? 

The estimated shipping date is always in the title of the listing for each item. It typically takes around 7-10 weeks. 

How many characters can each style fit?

We do not have a character limit. However, we do not recommend longer names/ double names on the styles that have letters inside of shapes (ex: hearts, shamrocks, etc.). Please keep in mind that the length of the name and the size of the outfit will determine the size of the letters. If the name is long and outfit is a smaller size than shown in the mockup, letters may be smaller than shown.