Protect Your Child’s Skin With a Rashguard + Reasons to Wear One

Protect Your Child’s Skin With a Rashguard + Reasons to Wear One

At Poppy Kids Co, we believe in providing the highest quality products to our customers. That's why we're excited to share with you four reasons why you should use rashguards for your little ones.

What are Rash guards? 

Rashguards are swimwear designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and the harsh chemicals found in pools. They're typically made of a high-quality, stretchy material that fits snugly around the body without restricting movement.

Rashguards can be worn alone or under a wetsuit, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of water activities.

4 Reasons to wear a Rashguard 

1. Sun protection.

The most significant benefit of wearing a rashguard  is the added sun protection it provides. The material used in rash tops is rated for its UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which measures the amount of UV radiation that can penetrate the fabric. A rashguard with a UPF rating of 50+ provides the highest level of sun protection and can block up to 98% of UV rays, keeping your little one’s skin safe while swimming.

2. Protection against rashes.

As the name suggests, rashguards can also protect against rashes that can occur from prolonged exposure to saltwater or chlorine. The material used in rashguards is designed to wick away moisture, keeping your child’s skin dry and preventing irritation. Additionally, rash guards can protect against abrasions and cuts from rough surfaces or objects in the water.

3. Comfort and flexibility.

Unlike traditional swimwear, rashguards are designed to be comfortable and flexible. They're made of a lightweight, stretchy material that moves with your body, allowing for a full range of motion. Rashguards can also help regulate body temperature by keeping your child cool in hot weather and warm in cooler water.

4. Versatility.

Rash guards are incredibly versatile and can be worn for a variety of water activities. Whether your kiddo is swimming in a pool, splashing in the ocean, or playing in a water park, a rash guard can provide the added protection and comfort! 

Cute Poppy Kids Co Rashguards 

1. Yellow Floral rashguard

2. Strawberry rashguard

3. Dottie rashguard

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