Top Benefits of Bamboo Pjs for Babies and Kids

Top Benefits of Bamboo Pjs for Babies and Kids

Bamboo Pjs for kids

As a parent or a caretaker dressing babies and kids in comfy clothing is a top priority. Nothing is better than when your little one loves what they are wearing because it is so soft and not scratchy, especially at bed time! 

We can all agree, pjs can definitely impact how much sleep our kids get at night! That’s one of the many reasons Poppy Kids Co pjs are made from bamboo viscose. Bamboo Viscose is a strong durable, long-lasting fabric that is also breathable, buttery soft, and is great for sensitive skin. 

Keep reading and find out all of the wonderful benefits of bamboo pjs! 

5 Benefits of Bamboo Pajamas 

1. Long-lasting and has amazing stretch. 

Bamboo viscose is a top fabric for on-the-go, little one’s because it is extremely durable and has plenty of stretch. The material can be worn for years and hold its color! 

Orange PJ Set 

2. Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin and eczema. Unlike synthetic fabrics that can cause skin irritation and rashes, bamboo fabric is gentle and soothing on the skin – perfect for babies! 

It's also naturally antibacterial, which means it can help to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on your skin. This is especially important for sleepwear, as you want to ensure that your PJs are clean and hygienic.

Lemon Ruffle PJ 

3.  Moisture-wicking. 

Bamboo pjs are highly absorbent and moisture-wicking, which means they can absorb sweat and moisture from your skin and evaporate it quickly. This helps to keep your babies dry and comfortable throughout the night, even if they tend to sweat a lot!

Yellow Floral Ruffle PJ 

4. Thermal regulation for comfortable sleep

Bamboo fabric is known for its thermal regulating properties, which means it can help to keep your baby or little one warm in winter and cool in summer. This is because bamboo fibers have a hollow structure that allows air to be trapped, providing insulation in cold weather. 

In hot weather, the fibers allow air to circulate, providing a cooling effect. With bamboo PJs, your child will be able to achieve a comfortable and restful night's sleep, no matter the season. Isn’t that a dream?! 

Strawberry PJ Set 

5. A sustainable and eco-friendly choice

Bamboo fabric is not only going to help your baby sleep comfortably through the night, but it's also good for the environment. Bamboo is a highly sustainable crop that grows quickly and requires little water or pesticides. It also produces more oxygen than other trees and plants, making it an excellent choice for reducing carbon emissions. 

Hannah Ruffle PJ

Poppy Kids Co Bamboo Pjs Are a Must Try 

Bamboo pjs have so many incredible benefits that make them a must try! Help your little one be super comfortable throughout the night and outfit them in our unique, adorable, colorful bamboo pjs! There are so many patterns and designs to choose from: lemons, blue floral, butterflies, and so much more! 

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